About Pree Events

Step into the world of luxury event planning with PREE EVENTS, your premier destination for exquisite weddings and special events, based in Anaheim, CA serving all of Orange County, Los Angeles, and Southern California since 2018. Founded by the visionary Purvee Patel, affectionately known as Pree, aim’s to cater to the discerning clientele seeking unparalleled sophistication and seamless execution.

Drawing upon her rich Gujarati-Indian heritage and cosmopolitan upbringing in London, Pree brings an international flair to every celebration. Since settling in vibrant Southern California, she has cultivated an esteemed reputation for orchestrating every event with grace and finesse.

At PREE EVENTS, we redefine the art of event planning, merging meticulous attention to detail with a profound understanding of finance into a beautiful melting pot of endless creativity. With a background steeped in customer service excellence across diverse industries, Pree offers an unmatched advantage in curating unforgettable experiences while conscientiously managing budgets and designing with intention and purpose.

No dream is too grand, no detail too intricate. Whether an intimate affair, a corporate gathering or grand extravaganza, PREE EVENTS is committed to realizing your vision with elegance and unwavering dedication.

About Purvee Patel

About Team Pree

Pree Events is comprised of a group of talented and educated individuals who understand the importance of ensuring a lavish guest experience and producing events with first-class excellence. We bring together your precision-power team based on what’ll make the entire plan come together, more perfect than you can imagine. Anything you need, your Pree Events team guarantees to have it covered!