Tell us a little bit about your journey.
I am a Gujarati Indian, born and raised in London, England, and since 06’ residing in Sunny California, Orange County. In my journey towards ‘living my true self’ in the beautiful City of Angels, I was swept away from my dreary Finance career by the creative forces of the events industry and have never looked back!
How did you get involved with weddings & planning events?
A good family friend introduced me to a new business owner of a South Asian wedding resource center. As an intern, I began learning the basics of the industry. I later began contracting with decorators and florists where I was able to hone my design skills. I then started to learn the art of event coordination and planning by freelancing alongside 9 of SoCal’s leading South Asian wedding planners for over a decade, in supporting roles that involved every aspect of event management.
What's your favorite part of planning?
Honestly, everything. The moment the client decides to choose me, it’s on! It begins a new chapter in their [love] story, one that’ll weave Pree Events into their history, forever. I see that as an honor bestowed upon me and us as a team, and in return, we work wholeheartedly to make every experience worthy of that trust.
What are your must-haves in your emergency kit for events?
My MUST-haves are a Swiss pocket knife, a reliable (and charged) battery pack, zip ties and a pair of scissors, a Kleenex packet, a candle lighter, safety & bobby pins, mints or gum, hand sanitizer, tampons, band-aids, some makeup, and perfume. Just to name a few 🙂
How do you unwind and relax when you're not working?
I love to practice yoga, walking/hiking and generally being outdoors with nature, spending time with people I love, taking long drives, listening to music, getting massages, watching puppy videos, an occasional Netflix binge, and cooking daily healthy yummy vege meals are just some things that take me to my happy place.
Festival, fair, or other events you never want to miss?
I love a good concert, festival or any opportunity to listen to live music. Long Beach’s One Love festival is an annual favorite.
You often work 18 to 22 hour days, sometimes 3 days in a row. How do you sustain yourself through such a long day?
Staying well hydrated. I always have Emergen-C packets, granola bars, a healthy nut mix, and fresh easy-to-eat fruits like Bananas or Clementines for myself and all of my team too. I also take a few mins to stretch before, in-between, and after showtime. This helps me so much.
What do you feel are the most important elements in designing an event?
I try to encourage my clients to remain true to themselves so that they may create timeless one-of-a-kind events that reflect both their inner and outer selves. The sky is truly the limit, so we first set the scene with a budget, then find the perfect location, and then we continue to dream up the rest.
What are your top 3 tips for clients who are just starting to plan their wedding or party?
Take it slow and easy. Stay aware of your budget and understand what you can and can’t afford to ensure that you’re not starting your planning [or marriage] in debt. Ensure all financial decision-making parties are on the same page and appoint one main point of contact. Take the time to create group email threads, text chats, and shared online folders with all pertinent planning files so that no-one has an excuse for missing a beat.