Ami & Amar Desai

What first impressed us about Purvee was her organization and the depth of our discussion when we approached her about planning the wedding of our dreams. Hers was one of our first and longest telephone meetings. She asked us to set aside time so that she could understand what we envisioned for our wedding, the flow of our weekend, what we wanted our family and friends to experience, and most importantly, what was most important to us. She was meticulous from very early on which made everything easier as the big day got closer.

Both my husband and I work in healthcare with unpredictable hours, and Purvee did an amazing job of keeping us sane and advising us on what to focus on week-to-week. She was so helpful in setting up vendor meetings, reminding us about payments deadlines, and just checking in on us! The week of the wedding, Purvee brought a wonderful team that introduced themselves to both our families and were beyond helpful the whole weekend. Purvee was readily available and on top of where we needed to be, what we needed to have with us and where our parents needed to be (don’t underestimate this!).

Our wedding was immaculate, everything we had envisioned, and it would not have been possible without Purvee’s guidance, advice and dedication to us and her craft. She genuinely wants the best for her clients and we both think of her as family now after working so closely with her. We can’t thank her enough!