Simi & Kevin Cassil

The best way to testify to Purvee’s greatness at her profession is to tell you how close we’ve become to her since the wedding. She’s remained in touch for nearing 2 years now since our special day—sometimes via social media and other times just to see how we’re doing, and that, to us, goes a long way.

Her humble and approachable personality combined with her detail-oriented skill set left us worrying about nothing but our vows on the wedding day. She doesn’t overwhelm easily, and while that may be somewhat of a must-have personality trait for wedding coordination, it’s really how warmly she accommodates your requests and does so without adding to the ever-changing nature of a wedding event. She even exudes a certain positive energy on top of that that doesn’t just relax the nerves, it says without saying: “I’ve been here before.”

Her to-the-minute scheduling prior to the event similarly put our minds at ease. It goes hand in hand with her punctuality and accountability. She may not be able to be in more than one place at once, but it sure feels like it! She has a great team of people that handle unforeseen circumstances in the same calming fashion.

Purvee doesn’t just succeed in her own business endeavors. She’s a model for women-entrepreneurs everywhere. She’s an expert at what she does and we couldn’t imagine our event being coordinated by anybody else. Purvee, put our 25 year anniversary event on your calendar!