Planning Services

Planning Services

The commitment of excellence we offer our clients, as well as widespread connections to our global network in the events industry is essential towards the success of a well-crafted event. That naturally drives us to produce world-class experiences reflective of our clients’ personality, vision, and goals.

Pree Events ensures that every event is professionally planned and meticulously coordinated, including elements such as floral design, custom fabrication, furnishings and textiles, lighting design and audiovisual, catering services, food and beverage, music and entertainment, invitations and printing, graphics and signage, guest & hospitality management, transportation services and more.

The level and intensity of our services are dependent on the value each package brings to you where we aim to help you find exactly what you need:

  1. Full planning – this package is packed with everything one could need when planning the perfect event. It is a truly complete package.
  2. Partial planning – this package is one where the planner and client work in tandem to create your special event. We strategize and game plan your event with a focus on the core elements, all the while navigating you through the rest with ease.
  3. A la carte style planning – this is a create-your-own package where you may review the various services we offer and then cherry-pick your way to the perfect planning package.

Pricing for planning services varies due to the size, details, and location of the event where our planning fees are quoted as a flat fee. Get in touch so we can chit chat all about your special event!